Aroostook County Government


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Name Position Phone Suburb State Country
Douglas F. Beaulieu County Administrator (207) 493-3318 Caribou ME US
Darrell O. Crandall Sheriff (207) 532-3471 Houlton ME US
Bryan V. Jandreau Facilites Manager (207) 493-6305 Caribou ME US
Todd Collins District Attorney (207) 498-2557 Caribou ME US
Dan Bouchard Superintendent of Buildings (207) 532-1509 Houlton ME US
Louise Caron Register of Deeds (North) (207) 834-3925 Fort Kent ME US
Anne-Marie Marquis Finance Director (207) 493-3318 Caribou ME US
Darleen Guy Register of Probate (207) 532-1502 Houlton ME US
Christina Theriault Human Resources Coordinator (207) 493-3318 Caribou ME US
Joyce Findlen Administrative Assistant/Planner (207) 493-4328 Caribou ME US
Darren Woods Emergency Management Director (207) 493-4328 Caribou ME US
Carrie L. Linthicum Deputy District Attorney (207) 764-0524 Caribou ME US
John Pluto Assistant District Attorney (207) 498-2557 Caribou ME US
Kurt A. Kafferlin Assistant District Attorney (207) 532-4294 Caribou ME US
James P. Dunleavy Judge of Probate (207) 532-1502 Houlton ME US
Paul G. Bernier Public Works Director (207) 493-3318 Caribou ME USA
Tyler Clark Register of Deeds (South) (207) 532-1500 Houlton ME US
Paul J. Adams County Commissioner (207) 493-3318 Houlton ME US
Paul J. Underwood County Commissioner (207) 493-3318 Presque Isle ME US
Norman L. Fournier County Commissioner (207) 493-3318 Wallagrass ME US